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New in programm 23.12.2023:

Aktion IVECO Irisbus Crossway LE Postauto Schweiz Wagen AR14855 bestellbar  Preis 39,95€ zzgl Versandkosten -  Sonderaktion: Versand nach Österreich nur 8,-€


We are a Munich manufacturer of models in plastic injection molding with steel molds and brass. Specialists who have been working in production for many years will work on the implementation for you.

Numerous technical features will flow into the products, which refine our models and increase their value.

According to our motto "models that awaken passion" we will show that our passion will be reflected in the models.

Service is very important to us. You can order all special models that are exclusively offered abroad, and they will be shipped from Germany. This saves shipping costs for you.

Intercity buses

First we will release the Irisbus Crossway in 1:87 scale in two versions. You can see the variants in the Shop

IVECO Irisbus Crossway LE Weihrauch Uhlendorff mit Sconto Werbung Wagen 42g

Intercity buses with a front door in various versions with/without air conditioning. Different seating colors gray standard, blue for rail buses.


City buses

We are also implementing the Crossway program as a city bus version the double-leaf gate in front. 2 corresponding to the models The models have seating versions accordingly

IVECO Irisbus Crossway LE BVG Berlin Testbus Wagen 1845

We will in the near future offer further lettering variants. Soon we will be one too offer an extended range of hubcaps for these model types.


The Enterprise:

KSM Kaindl-Schäfer-Manufactur Gbr

Altenburgstraße 29a  

D-81243 München


 +49 (0) 160-90765778

 kontakt (@)

KSM models are licensed products. Distribution, reproduction and production, be it in other colors, dimensions and lettering is prohibited.